For over a decade Heart t' Heart has been a helping hand to those seeking to escape addiction using the 12 steps from an LDS viewpoint. Now you can learn from their experience and listen to what they have shared in the annual Heart t' Heart Conference.

2010 Heart t' Heart Conference Add to Cart
10HH I Can Do All Things Through Christ - Full Set of 7 CDs in Album $40.00
10HH01 Come unto Christ Keith H. $6.00
10HH02 Steps 8 & 9: Amends to Myself and Others Joy S. $6.00
10HH03 Steps 1,2 & 3: The Foundation We Never Leave Behind Phil H. $6.00
10HH04 12 Principles...Will the Real Me Please Stand Up? Susan E. $6.00
10HH05 Tools for Steps 6 & 7: Stronger in Their Humility Colleen B. $6.00
10HH06 Doing the 4th & 5th Steps the Big Book Way Delmy P. $6.00
10HH07 That Our Weaknesses Might Become Strengths Colleen H. $6.00


2009 Heart t' Heart Conference Add to Cart
09HH He Delivered Me From All My Fears - Full Set of 9 CDs in Album $40.00
09HH01 Musical Testimony - Magnify the Lord $4.00
09HH02 Be Thou Comforted Penny M. $4.00
09HH03 Divine Imagination / Understanding the Cycle of Addiction Keith H. / Joe M. $4.00
09HH04 Praising the Lord / For I, the Lord Am With Thee Karen T. / Colleen B. $4.00
09HH05 Believe It or Not - 35 Years Later! Ellen & Tom S. $4.00
09HH06 Passage to Recovery Toni & David H. $4.00
09HH07 Did You HEAR That? What if It's REALLY True? / Fearin the Loving God Mary S. / Peg W. $4.00
09HH08 Our Fisrst Year in SA Recovery Lacy & Dave D. $4.00
09HH09 Continue on Past the First Miracle Tom S. $4.00

2008 Heart t' Heart Conference Add to Cart
08HH Come Boldly Unto the Throne of Grace - Full Set of 12 CDs in Album $50.00
08HH01 Amazing Grace $4.00
08HH02 The Throne of Grace Phil H. $4.00
08HH03 Pursuing Grace: The Heart's Bold Frontier Peg W. $4.00
08HH04 Showing Up for My Own Life / The Tortoise & The Hare: Being Diligent to the End Tricia V. & Karen T. $4.00
08HH05 Boldly Go to the Lord with Humility: Overcoming the Shame, Guilt & Pride of Sexual Addiction Joe M. $4.00
08HH06 Yea, Lord, I Know That Thou Speakest the Truth / First the Relationship, Then the Trust
Judi L. & Julyn H. $4.00
08HH07 Substance Abuse: Lost Boys / Substance Abuse: Lost Girls
Tom S. & Valerie R. $4.00
08HH08 Promises of the Beatitudes / Daily Devotional Penny M. & Barbara W. $4.00
08HH09 Seeking and Finding Healing In Christ: How to Deal With Your Spouse's Sexual Addiction Phil & Colleen H. $4.00
08HH10 Waiting on the Lord: What a Great Way to Live! Colleen H. $4.00
08HH11 Grace, Mercy & Sexual Addiction Dave & Lacey D. $4.00
08HH12 The Deepest Mystery of God Mary S. $4.00

2007 Heart t' Heart Conference Add to Cart
07HH Continue in My Love - Full Set of 14 CDs in Album $56.00
07HH01 I Know That My Redeemer Lives $4.00
07HH02 Loving God with All My Heart Irene W. $4.00
07HH03 I Am the Disciple Jesus Loves Peg W. $4.00
07HH04 Dare to Descend Rebecca K. $4.00
07HH05 Progressive Victory Over Lust & Learning the Twelve Step Dance Eric & Barbara R $4.00
07HH06 Come Unto Me: Just As You Are Right Now & The Power of Testimony
Andrea L. & Karen T. $4.00
07HH07 The Blessings of Recovery
Colleen H. & Nanette W. $4.00
07HH08 Using the Tool of Writing to Hear the Voice of the Lord Phil H. & Brooks L. $4.00
07HH09 What is “After All I Can Do?” Mary S. & Peg W. $4.00
07HH10 General Testimony Meeting $4.00
07HH11 Are We There Yet? Ray & J. Marie $4.00
07HH12 The Promises, The Promises Jay & Char L. $4.00
07HH13 The Tool of Service

Tricia V.

07HH14 Abiding in His Love Peggy M. $4.00


2006 Heart t' Heart Conference Add to Cart
06HH Lord I believe, Help Thou Mine Unbelief - Full Set of 17 CDs in Album $56.00
06HH01 Introduction to Heart t’ Heart $4.00
06HH02 The Surrender Steps Valerie R. & Karen T. $4.00
06HH03 Musical Testimonies Pt.1 Song and the Steps $4.00
06HH04  Musical Testimonies Pt.2 Panel Discussion The Future of Heart t’ Heart $4.00
06HH05 Become as a Little Child Colleen H. $4.00
06HH06 Working the Steps Helps Overcome Our Unbelief Jay and Char L. $4.00
06HH07 How Conscious Contact with God Heals Our Unbelief Peggy M. & Andrea L. $4.00
06HH08 So That’s What You Look & Sound Like: Sharing for Attendees of Online Meetings $4.00
06HH09 Believing in the Goodness of God Phil H. $4.00
06HH10 Believing in His Love Penny H. & Frances S.(Kanga) $4.00
06HH11 Who’s Got the Power? Peggy B. $4.00
06HH12 Believing in Honesty Rebecca K. & Mary S. $4.00
06HH13 Applying the Steps to Challenges Other Than Addiction Merlene H. $4.00
06HH14 The Merciful Grace of Christ Nannette W. & Mary S. $4.00
06HH15 Sexual Addiction & Marriage Jeremy & Phil H. $4.00
06HH16 Marriage to a Sex Addict Colleen H. $4.00
06HH17 A Simple Belief Char L. $4.00


2005 Heart t' Heart Conference Add to Cart
05HH Now is The Time - Full Set of 16 CDs in Album $53.00
05HH01 With One Voice Vocal Performances by Heart t' Heart Members $4.00
05HH02 Letting Go: Steps 1, 2 & 3 Peggy $4.00
05HH03 Overcoming Sexual Addiction Jeremy & Eric $4.00
05HH04 Abiding in the Wings of His Mercy Tricia & Suzie K. $4.00
05HH05 The Lord's Plan For My Salvation Phil H. $4.00
05HH06 Tools: Anonymity & Telephoning Merlene H. $4.00
05HH07 Taking Steps 6 & 7 Nannette W. $4.00
05HH08 Overcoming Depression: Music's Healing Influence Penny $4.00
05HH09 Joy Is A Fingerprint of God Mary S. $4.00
05HH10 Sexual Addiction: Healing the Way We See Each Other Phil H. $4.00
05HH11 Co dependency: Fearing Others More Than God Colleen H. $4.00
05HH12 Couples Recovery Jay & Char L. $4.00
05HH13 Living After the Manner Of Happiness Kathleen B. $4.00
05HH14 Write the Words That I Speak Tricia $4.00
05HH15 Conscious Contact (Step 11) Karlene B. $4.00
05HH16 Panel Discussion Heart t' Heart General Service Board $4.00


2004 Heart t' Heart Conference Add to Cart
04HH How Firm a Foundation - Full Set of 17 CDs in Album $56.00
04HH01 Music and the Spoken Word Phil Harrison $4.00
04HH02 Overcoming Debt & Compulsive Spending Jan W. $4.00
04HH03 Eating As an Addiction Mary S. $4.00
04HH04 Using the Internet as a Tool in Recovery Cheryl E. $4.00
04HH05 How Firm a Foundation Nannette W. $4.00
04HH06 The Spiritual Power of Writing in the Recovery Process Darla I. $4.00
04HH07 Drug & Alcohol Addiction Elder & Sis. Graves $4.00
04HH08 Sexual Addiction Jeremy W. & Phil H. $4.00
04HH09 The Light of Christ Bob G. $4.00
04HH10 Using the Tools - Music, Prayer & Meditation Kandy G. & Nannette W. $4.00
04HH11 Applying Recovery Concepts To Depression Colleen B. & Karlene B. $4.00
04HH12 Couples Recovery Jay & Char L. $4.00
04HH13 Panel Discussion Jay & Char L.& Las Vegas group $4.00
04HH14 Co dependency Susan S. $4.00
04HH15 Maintaining Conscious Contact Christy S. $4.00
04HH16 Abstinence Mary S. & Colleen H. $4.00
04HH17 Into Recovery and Beyond Colleen H. $4.00


2003 Heart t' Heart Conference Add to Cart
03HH Sweet is the Peace - Full Set of 15 CDs in Album $50.00
03HH01 Steps 6-9 Cheryl D. $4.00
03HH02 When There's an Addict in the Family Kandy G. $4.00
03HH03 Sweet is the Peace Nannette W. $4.00
03HH04 God is Speaking - Am I Listening? Jim & Joy S. $4.00
03HH05 Defining Abstinence: When Just Saying No is Not an Option Mira C. $4.00
03HH06 Sexual Addiction: Replacing Shame with Peace Phil H. $4.00
03HH07 Celestial Relationships Phil & Colleen H. $4.00
03HH08 The Role of Personal Revelation in Recovery Mary S. $4.00
03HH09 Sponsoring - Both Sides of the Story Joy S. & Karianne W. $4.00
03HH10 Peace Through Using the Tools Colleen B $4.00
03HH11 Keep On Keeping On: Persistence In the Program Panel Discussion $4.00
03HH12 When You Can't Attend Meetings Mary S. & Karlene B. $4.00
03HH13 Overspending as an Addiction Cheryl D. $4.00
03HH14 Loneliness: When Others Don't Understand Your Recovery Colleen H. & Nannette W.  $4.00
03HH15 Finding Peace: Where Do I Go From Here Mira C. $4.00


2001 Heart t' Heart Conference Add to Cart
01HH "Then Will I Make Weak Things Become Strong" 14 Cassettes in album $47.00
01HH01 Turning from Our Other Dependencies and Back to God Dr. Mark Chamberlain $4.00
01HH02 Of you it is required to forgive all men. Michelle C. $4.00
01HH03 The truth shall set you free. (Honesty & Sexual Addiction) Phil H. $4.00
01HH04 The 12 Steps by Heart Richard U. $4.00
01HH05 The Dance of Codependency Arizona Couples Group $4.00
01HH06 Chart a Course to Eternal Life Duane C. $4.00
01HH07 In the Beginning Corilee $4.00
01HH08 Addictions and the Twelve Steps Panel Discussion $4.00
01HH09 Depression and Food Addictions Tammy P. $4.00
01HH10 Being your own 12 Step Sherlock Holmes Collette & Troy R. $4.00
01HH11 Personal Change Through Jesus Christ Blaine L. $4.00
01HH12 Heart t' Heart: The First Ten Years and the Next Colleen H. $4.00
01HH13 For Men Only AZ Men's Group $4.00
01HH14 For Women Only AZ Women's Group $4.00


2000 Heart t' Heart Convention Add to Cart
00HH "No Other Name" 15 Cassettes in Album $50.00
00HH01 Free your Spirit, Heal your Heart Deanna Edwards $4.00
00HH02 No Other Way but Jesus Duane C. $4.00
00HH03 More than Sandboxes: Desire & Craving as Tools Dr. Mark Chamberlain $4.00
00HH04 Look to Christ and Live: Recovery-Sexual Addiction Phil H. $4.00
00HH05 Lean Not Unto Thy Own Understanding Colleen K. $4.00
00HH06 Codependency: Keeping Family Traditions Alive Susan S. $4.00
00HH07 Nourished by the Word: Recovery - Overeating Colleen H. $4.00
00HH08 Sponsoring: Bearing One Another's Burdens Kathleen M. $4.00
00HH09 If It So Be We Suffer with Him,…Glorified Together Fred & Kim B. $4.00
00HH10 Finding Recovery in the Hymns Nanette W. $4.00
00HH11 Simply by Faith: Pull up Weeds & Plant Roses Teresa N. $4.00
00HH12 Finding Rest in the Lord SLC Wed. Group $4.00
00HH13 The Infinite Atonement: Key to Recovery Blaine L. $4.00
00HH14 Recovery is a Miraculous Gift Cheryl D. $4.00
00HH15 12 Traditions: An antidote for Codependency Joy S. $4.00


1999 Heart t' Heart Convention Add to Cart
99HH 1999 Heart 't Heart 15 Cassettes in Album $50.00
99HH01 Leave the Ninety & Nine and go after the One Dr. Rick Hawks $4.00
99HH02 Getting Out of Isolation Jack H. $4.00
99HH03 Draw Near Unto Me Colleen H. $4.00
99HH04 Take My Yoke upon You, and Learn of Me Kelly & Colleen K. $4.00
99HH05 Starting and Maintaining a Healthy Group Anne S. $4.00
99HH06 Traditions of the Fathers: Chains that Bind Rosemary H. $4.00
99HH07 Writing Your Own Recovery SLC Wed. Group $4.00
99HH08 Letting Go of Character Defects Duane C. $4.00
99HH09 The 12 Steps from a Big Book Perspective Jay & Char L. $4.00
99HH10 Finding Recovery in the Word of God Nannette W. $4.00
99HH11 The Twelve Traditions: Recovery Principles Colleen H. $4.00
99HH12 Is it Charity or Codependency: The Fine Line Susan S. $4.00
99HH13 The Weightier Matters of Weight LaNae Valentine $4.00
99HH14 Sexual Addiction and the LDS Man Phil H. $4.00
99HH15 Prescription Drug Addiction Jim S. $4.00


1998 Heart t' Heart Convention Add to Cart
98HH "Trust God In All Things" 12 Cassettes & Album $41.00
98HH01 Trust God in All Things George W. Pace, Ph.D. $4.00
98HH02 12 Traditions: Heart t Heart Lives & Grows Rick Hawks, Ph. D. $4.00
98HH03 Art of the Heart Susan S. $4.00
98HH04 Line Upon Line: Learning to Trust the Process Colleen K. $4.00
98HH05 There Is Light: A Musical Journey of Healing & Faith Norma Boyd $4.00
98HH06 Rules, Roles and Recovery in Relationships Eileen DeGruccio & Marty T. $4.00
98HH07 Prayerful Group Conscience and Personal Revelation Duane C. $4.00
98HH08 Offer Our Whole Soul as an Offering to Him Wed. SLC Group $4.00
98HH09 Kindly Gifts of the Kingdom of God Mark J. $4.00
98HH10 A Vision of Step 3: Letting Go & Hanging On Helen C. & Joy S. $4.00
98HH11 Learning to Trust God Through the Tool of Writing Anne S. $4.00
98HH12 After All That We Can Do Colleen Bernhard $4.00


1997 Heart t' Heart Convention Add to Cart
97HH `1997 "I Am Powerless Without God" 10 Cassettes in Album $35.00
97HH01 The Power of the Word Robert L. Millet, Ph.D $4.00
97HH02 A Voice From the Fire Colleen Bernhard $4.00
97HH03 Trust Him In All Things Wed. SLC Group $4.00
97HH04 And Seek the Face of the Lord Always Nannette $4.00
97HH05 Breaking The Bondage of Burdens Rosemary H. $4.00
97HH06 Impact Of Imperfection Joy S. $4.00
97HH07 I Am Powerless Without God. Gwen $4.00
97HH08 Music: The Unsung Hero Stacey M. $4.00
97HH09 Healing the Heart Through Music & Art Sharon R. $4.00
97HH10 The Paradox of Powerlessness Colleen Bernhard $4.00


1996 Heart t' Heart Convention Add to Cart
96HH 1996 "Receiving the Gift" 8 Cassettes in Album $29.00
96HH01 Receiving the Gift Colleen Bernhard $4.00
96HH02 Sober or Drunken, but Without Wine Duane C. $4.00
96HH03 The Gift of the Atonement Marilynn S. $4.00
96HH04 "Denial: Being In and Getting Out" Rosemary H $4.00
96HH05 Receiving and Giving the Gift of Charity Wed. SLC Group $4.00
96HH06 Acknowledging the Hand of God Stacey M. $4.00
96HH07 Return to Sanity Katie M. $4.00
96HH08 Forgiveness: The Gift We Give Ourselves Cheryl Carson $4.00