Youngevity Convention
Recorded By RiverWalkMedia

Youngevity 2015 Leadership Summit
Audio Recordings

Full Set of General Sessions and Workshops $100.00
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1. Gen. Session One: Rev IT UP Tom Chenault, Sheryl Morley and Marliu Henner Individual Recording $8.00
2. Gen. Session One Cont.: New Product Releases and Andre Vaughn Individual Recording $8.00
3. What's up Doc? Dr. Wallach
Not Available
4. What's up Doc? Cont. and An interview with Dr. Wallach
Not Available
5. Dist - EMD Rank Training Todd Smith Individual Recording $8.00
6.Dist - EMD Rank Training Andre Vaughn Individual Recording $8.00
7. SEMD Rank Training Barb Pitcock Individual Recording $8.00
8. SEMD Rank Training Scott Fardulis Individual Recording $8.00
9. VPMD-Diamond Rank Training Dr. Luis Arriaza, Corey Gold, Tom Chenault Individual Recording $8.00
10. Hail Mary Pass! Drew Pearson Individual Recording $8.00
11. Leadership Panel Individual Recording $8.00
12. Dr. Glidden Individual Recording $8.00

13.Round Table Discussions #1

Coffee Shop Interview--Tom Chenault,

Overcoming Objections--Barb Pitcock

Building with CEO Paks--Dr. Luis Arriaza, Raymond & Yolanda Brown

Individual Recording $8.00

14.Round Table Discussions #2

More than High Heels--Evelia Arriaza

Business Building Tips--Scott Fardulis

Compensation--Blake Graham

Recruiting--Maxandra Desrosiers

Individual Recording $8.00

15. Round Table Discussions #3

Customer to Distributor--Michelle Van Etten

Social Media Marketing--M. Wallach

Fast Starting New Distributors--Andre Vaughn

Building with the Healthy Body Challenge--SanJeev Javia

Individual Recording $8.00
16. Gen. Session Two: Barb Pitcock, Mike Glenn, Dr. Luis Arriaza Individual Recording $8.00
17. Rank Panel One and Two and Health Body Challenge Winners Individual Recording $8.00
18.Gen. Session Three: Keith Halls, Rhonda Anderson, Scott Fardulis Individual Recording $8.00
19. Gen. Session Four: Corey Gold, Blake Graham, Maxandra Desrosiers Individual Recording $8.00
20. Rank Panel Three and Presidential Message Bill Andreoli Individual Recording $8.00


Essential Oils Training


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